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Ska Brewing offers Premium Beers Without Being Pretentious. They take pride in every batch of beer produced. Using only the purest ingredients, and carefully coaxing their beer until it reaches optimum flavor.

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Ska Brewing Steel Toe Milk Stout This traditional English Cream Stout is brewed with actual milk sugar to create a creamy and sweet brew. Jet-black in color, the latte frothy head will make you mooo for more. As this beer envelopes your taste buds, flavors of coffee and sugar with a dose of cream rise to the surface. The oily blackness slides down easily and the carbonation wipes the taste buds, leaving a creamy coffee elation. 5.5% ABV 16 IBU’s

Ska Brewing Euphoria Pale Ale Offers a big backbone of malt–with plenty of caramel sweetness and just a touch of chocolate and toast–provides enough alcohol to stay warm through the winter months. But it's the epic grapefruit hop aroma and flavor, provided by a huge dry hop addition at the end of fermentation, that really make this seasonal beer shine. 6.2% ABV 58 IBU’s

Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA An American-style India Pale Ale with a deep golden-orange color. Bitter and hoppy, with a surprisingly smooth finish. Strong citrus aromas followed by pine rise from the glass. As it moves across your tongue... bitterness... following close behind is a melding of citrus and pine with light caramel sweetness. 6.8% ABV 88 IBU’s

Ska Modus Mandarina IPA A unique twist on Modus Hoperandi, this citrus IPA is dry-hopped with a generous portion of Mandarina Bavaria hops and brewed with sweet orange peels. The dry-hopped addition of the Mandarina Bavaria give the beer a distinct aroma of tangerine and citrus, the orange peels added to the beer also give it just a subtle touch of orange in the flavor profile. 6.8% ABV 88 IBU’s

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Import Beer Feature

Newcastle 6pk-12oz btls Only $7.99!

Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 to satisfy thirst of hardworking Englishmen. Colonel Jim Porter crafted the ale with its own distinct golden brown color, lightly hopped taste and character that quickly became a local favorite. Best served cold, Newcastle Brown Ale has since become a world favorite as a dark beer that's easy to drink.

Tasting Notes: Pleasantly smooth mouth-feel Surprising complexity and fullness on the palate Medium finish

This great English Brown Ale is great all year round but especially when Fall starts turning into Winter. Try it for only $7.99 6pk-btls all this month.